Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm new at this

So I've never had a blog...I am a fellow RMS follower and saw that rue had one, so I thought What the Heck? LOL...Anyways, Here goes.. ;)


Picket said...

Well lookie here at you girl!!!!! You are beautiful...it is so great to put a face to a name...welcome to blogland sweetie. That pic of your home is gorgeous. It was such a treat to hear from you...I always love hearing from my friends on RMS...you will love blogworld.it is filled with some wonderful people..thanks again for coming by and good luck with your blog (if you learn anything new about blogging...let me know cause it is like another language to me!!! lol)

Rue said...

Hi there old friend!! I'm so glad you started a blog :) Picket is right, you ARE beautiful!!

Welcom to blogland, the much happier place ;)