Friday, July 11, 2008

I love my Cowboy Boots...

Hey Guys, so I wanted to share a little bit of what I love...I am a Cowgirl At Heart!!! Always have been... This pic above would be so perfect for me..I love the open range...There's nothing like it...Right now, we are in the process of looking for some land...I hope at least we can find 75 acres to build our final home on...I live in a subdivision right now and I absolutely HATE IT!!!! I want to live in the open....I would like a few more trees but in Oklahoma theres not a whole lot here...It's real FLAT....LOL..

This is my future...I do love decorating, but I want to raise horses....They are such smart and wonderful creatures....

LOL...This is my dream...I'm not getting any younger...
and the horse troth would be the perfect place for a cooling off...This girl has the right idea... :)

Well, As you can see I love the country and everything about it....The past few days I went to dallas and went shopping...I spent most of my money on a pair of "Old Gringo Cowboy Boots"..LOL...Yes that's right I wear cowboy boots about every day...But I do have belts that have a little Bling Bling on them...To dress up my outfits... :) Being a country girl is what I've always been...Some people think we're are hicks, but we're not!!! We are just laid back hardworking women that love the simple life...I say don't wait til your 40 to get your dream it as soon as you can... life is short and you should enjoy it.... God Bless All :)) Monta

This is my new Boots....I love them.... LOL


Shelia said...

Hello there pretty one! I'm sure you look fantastic in those snazzy boots! Shopping in Dallas is great - We used to live in Waco and would head up there every chance we got! Thanks for stopping by to see my den. You have a wonderful weekend, too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey there. my name is Cathy, I found your blog while I was over at Rue's! Just wanted to tell you I LOVE those boots!!!!!!!!!!
ctatcat2 on rms

Rue said...

Hi Monta :)

LOVE those boots! I hope you get your dream soon. I understand the issue with the subdivision... believe me! LOL